Who We Serve

Entrepreneurs of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnicities starting, scaling, or expanding businesses locally or internationally are on our first-class service list.

Starting a new business from idea up?

Our beginner business courses are designed to show you how to go from ideas to setup a
real business. 

Our trainers and mentors walk you through everything, from conceptualising your idea to writing killer business plans, hiring staff and acquiring your first customers.

Need help running or funding your startup?

Find courses and mentorship programs designed for startup entrepreneurs just like you. 

Learn startup processes like creating MVPs, writing pitch decks for fundraising, organisation structures, establishing a customer base and more

Need expert knowledge or funds to expand your business?

Our intermediate business courses help you learn how to scale a business within a region or across a continent. 

Get access to the financial backing you need to push expansion plans forward.

Need business support to sustain your enterprise growth?

Access our expert-level business courses and mentorship programs that train you on structuring your large enterprise to sustain growth. 

We connect you to market leaders for powerful business collaborations

Planning an exit, merger or further expansion?

Exiting or expanding your business at maturity can be tricky. 

Learn the ropes of analyzing, valuating or positioning your business for an exit, merger or global expansion from veterans who have done it successfully a couple of times.

Unleash your entrepreneurial potential with products built for you

Start your business education

Dive into a sea of business knowledge through our beginner-to-expert-level business courses using LGS Business.

Get expert advice in minutes

Get exclusive, one-on-one mentorship sessions when you connect with an expert on Prowpel.

Get funding for your business

External funding helps your business grow 3-10x faster than bootstrapping. Raise the funds you need in easy steps.

Join an community of winners

Your network is your net worth. Join a thriving community of business owners and experts building together.

Put your Business
on a Space-Bound Rocket

Because one more entrepreneur deserves to smile; YOU