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Fly on the Wings of Stress-free Investments

Need business funds? Smathfund gives you access to apply for grants and loans from thousands of offers or pitch crowdfunding, angel or VC investments. 

Smathfund investors are actively looking to back BAME-owned businesses to help scale them faster. 

With external funding, your business can perform 10X better than businesses without and increase your chance of surviving the first 5 years by over 50%

Submit a Winning Pitch and Get Funded in Weeks.

Save time! Smathfund has partnered with credible investors worldwide.

We’ve streamlined the funding process of just sourcing, pitching and securing funds — all of which can happen the same day or within a matter of weeks.

Don’t know where to start? We provide support with every step of the way

Business plan for investors

Find courses on Sohcahtoa that trains you on business plan investors would love

Pitch deck support

Every support you need to create a winning pitch deck, we provide.

Financial forecasting

Learn to read and explain financial statements and make sound financial projections.

Business presentation

Our mentors are ready to prepare you for meeting with investors and sharing your dreams.

Post-funding support

We support you throughout the scaling period after funding until your business succeeds.


Join our communities of entrepreneurs and investors growing together

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LGS Business

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