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Entrepreneurs from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups most of the time lack the skills and finance needed to launch successful businesses. Sourcing these resources can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming.

We offer a single touchpoint for accessing financial education, and funding support tailored for small and medium-scale businesses, especially startups of BAME origins.

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Your business shouldn’t suffer because of a lack of knowledge, financing, or support services needed to grow. Sohcahtoa Innovative Platform gives you the competitive edge to seize and dominate market opportunities.

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Online & On-site Business Education

Learn the fundamentals of growing a business, with a practical edge for real-life application, through high-quality training, courses, and case studies accessible onsite or online.

End-to-End Financial Services

Gain access to comprehensive financial services tailored for BAME entrepreneurs such as fundraising, financial management, personal finance, business finance, advisory, and more.

Premium Mentorship

Access exclusive business mentorship from industry veterans and top successful entrepreneurs to gain a competitive edge.

The ideal solution for new, growing,
and established BAME businesses

No matter the stage of your business, we’ve got you


Got a business idea? We help you conceptualize it and provide administrative support to make your idea a reality


New businesses starting from scratch need funding and mentorship to grow. Sohcahtoa offers you that


We provide you with the education or access to further investments needed to sustain the growth of a thriving business


Expanding your business locally or internationally? Learn the fastest and proven methods to do so from veterans who have done that before


Planning an exit, merger, or further expansion? We enable you to initiate or facilitate acquisitions through access to a network of investors

Why we do what we do

Minority businesses contribute immensely to a thriving economy. To the UK economy alone, BAME businesses contribute at least £74 billion a year, and 8 of the UK’s 23 tech unicorns have minority co-founders. 

While black and Asian businesses show a higher commercial activity (9.9% compared to the 6.4% of white entrepreneurs), the lack of business experience, business support tools, and poor access to funding at various growth stages dwindles their potential of and contribute to failure at the early stage of business. 

Evidence shows that if given the boosts they need, BAME businesses can outperform their white counterparts. For investors, funding minority enterprises presents a largely untapped opportunity. 

By creating an end-to-end support system that satisfies the business needs of these entrepreneurs, we help minority business find their foothold for accelerating growth as well as channel investors’ funds into highly promising outfits. 


All the financial and business tools to help you start, grow, and manage your business, in one app.


We give you business and financial resources at a fraction of what it might cost to source them yourself.

Boost Revenue

We help your business attract more customers while driving down costs hence increasing overall revenue.

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